Find Your Best Customers.

When you run a direct-to-consumer brand, few things are more important than understanding who your best customers are.

In this first post, we'll help you understand how to find your best customers. Later, you can avoid misinformation missteps and learn from another brand's success story. Finally, you'll have a chance to explore research programs that strengthen the connection to your best customers.

So... Who are your best customers?

Your best customers fall into two categories...

  1. Those who have the POTENTIAL to be loyal to your brand and make lots of repeat purchases in the future.
  2. Those who have DEMONSTRATED their loyalty and have already made repeat purchases.

Your potential best customers need to form an emotional connection with your brand. Be clear about your mission and enable people to feel aligned with it.

Your current best customers already exist. The goal is to identify them. Understand how you're meeting their needs. And do whatever it takes to protect those relationships.

Imagine if you knew exactly who your best customers were and why. How would that change your growth trajectory?

If you're ready to get to know your best customers, consider scheduling a one-on-one strategy session with our Founder. These short, free videos calls are designed to help you identify your own action plan. Schedule yours today.

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