Ask the Right Questions

The secret to gaining valuable insights is to ask the right questions.

That's why we give you the freedom and flexibility to ask what you want. When designing your campaign, you can ask participants up to 10 questions.

Sample Questions

Choose a Sample Brand

Sample Brand Questions

Brand Familiarity

How familiar are you with Toyota?

Brand Affinity

How likely are you to recommend or talk with friends about Toyota in the next 30 days?

Word Association

Which of the following words would you associate with Toyota?

Sample Consideration Questions

Product Features

What features are most important to you when considering a new pick-up truck?

Product Benefits

What benefits do you expect to get from a pick-up truck?


Which of the following automotive brands are you most familiar with?

Sample Purchase Questions

In Market

In what time frame are you considering buying a new pick-up truck?

Purchase Occasions

Which of the following use cases for a pick-up truck are most appealing to you?

Purchase Intent

How likely are you to buy a Toyota Tacoma in the next 30 days?

Sample Loyalty Questions

Purchase Driver

What influenced your purchase of a Toyota Tacoma?

Experience Description

What words would you use to describe the driving experience of Toyota?

Brand Affinity/NPS

How likely are you to recommend or discuss Toyota with a friend?

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