Recruit a Custom Panel of Real People

Our Committment to Keeping it Real

Real People

No need to settle for recycled panels and focus groupies. We attract real people to our platform who have raised their hand to be a part of your custom panel.

Real Answers

No need to worry about rushed, fake answers. Our onboarding process isolates those who give honest answers and filters out cheaters.


No need to wait weeks for your panel to be chosen. Our recruitment process starts immediately and we get all study responses within days.

Your Options for Audience Targeting





Life Stage

In Market

A Methodology You Can Trust

Control-Exposed Creative Testing

Ask your audience questions about your brand. Measure the difference in answers between those who saw your creative and those who didn't.

Audience Split
Exposure + Questions
Lift Analysis

Add Control-A-B Testing

Add variations to your control-exposed test. Compare answers across creative versions to uncover what's working best.

Audience Split
Exposure + Questions
Lift Analysis

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