Proceed, Confidently.

Choose Your Creative

Test creative and find the best version for ads and brand messaging.

Use Cases

  • Creative A/B Testing
  • Concept Testing
  • Message Resonance

De-Risk Your Product

De-risk your next product launch with real-time consumer feedback.

Use Cases

  • Package Testing
  • New Flavor Launches
  • Brand Refreshes

Find Your Audience

Validate and expand your current market segments and audiences.

Use Cases

  • Persona Creation
  • Market Expansion
  • Product-Market Fit

Get Started with Lean Research

Our 7-day process from kick-off to final report all starts with a 1-on-1 strategy call. Share about your business, your priorities, and determine if Atten-X is the right fit.

From there, we’ll design a custom study that finds the right people and asks them the right questions.

Schedule Your 1-on-1 Strategy Call

Get started with a free strategy session and start designing your custom study.

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