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Fast insights you can afford to include at every step of growth.

Fast insights you can afford to include at every step of growth.

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1Find the right people.


Build a Custom Panel

Other studies are run with the same research panelists used over and over. We recruit a custom panel, tailored to your individual study.


2Ask the right questions.


Ask What Matters.

Standard research limits the questions you can ask. Tell us your business challenge and we’ll create the right questions to find your answer.


3Make the right decisions.


Get Answers & Take Action.

The research industry is known to leave you with information overload. Our studies go beyond data - we’ll arm you with actionable insights you can bring to market.


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Eliminate the waste of missteps.

Choose Your Creative

Test creative and find the best version for ads and brand messaging.

Use Cases

  • Creative A/B Testing
  • Concept Testing
  • Message Resonance

De-Risk Your Product

De-risk your next product launch with real-time consumer feedback.

Use Cases

  • Package Testing
  • New Flavor Launches
  • Brand Refreshes

Find Your Audience

Validate and expand your current market segments and audiences.

Use Cases

  • Persona Creation
  • Market Expansion
  • Product-Market Fit

Start finding answers.

With white-glove service from seasoned insights professionals, getting started with lean research has never been easier.

Lean research has never been easier.

Frequently asked questions

How long does a study take?

Our process begins with a strategy session to discuss who you want to reach and what you want to learn from them.

With approved participants, study questions, and creative, your study can go live.

We recruit all participants and collect all responses within five business days.

We deliver a report by the seventh business day and schedule time to discuss the takeaways.

Read more: Our 7 Day Process

What does it cost to run a study?

Studies run with 100-1000 participants and start at $25.00 per participant. Based on age and household income, some audiences cost extra. Please see our pricing page for more information.

A study with a standard audience and 400 participants would cost $10,000.

Read more: Pricing

What’s your process for recruiting participants?

Based on who you want to reach, we recruit a custom panel of participants for your study.

Existing Attenex platform users who match your criteria are eligible to take part.

Additionally, we recruit new users who match your criteria via digital ads.

All participants go through a rigorous onboarding and vetting process before taking part.

Read more: Participant Selection

What is your research method?

When recruiting, we divide participants into two or more groups. The control group sees no creative. We form a unique exposed group for each version of creative in the study.

We ask all participants a common set of questions.

We show creative to participants within exposed groups before asking them questions.

We compare answers across all the groups to measure the impact of creative exposure.

Read more: Study Methodology

How many questions can I ask?

Studies may ask up to 10 questions to all participants.

We provide standard questions that span various marketing objectives.

We can create custom questions that best answer what you want to learn.

Brands may provide their own questions.

Read more: Sample Questions

What is the process of working together?

Studies start with a 1-on-1 strategy call. Share about your business, your priorities, and determine if Attenex is the right fit.

From there, we’ll design a custom study with the right audience, questions, and creative.

We build and launch the study within our research platform and share a client login with you.

A real-time dashboard is available to track responses in real-time.

We share a final report on the seventh day and schedule time together to discuss takeaways.

Read more: Our 7 Day Process

What do I get at the end of a study?

An online dashboard is available to track responses in real-time. It remains available after the study concludes.

We share a slide-based report and discuss all takeaways together on a phone or video call.

The report shows details on each individual question and all responses.

Our team of insights analysts will include observations, takeaways, and recommendations.

We can share all raw data from the study in spreadsheet format.

You may choose to turn the study back on to get extra participation and increase your confidence.


Get started with a free strategy session and start designing your custom study.

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